May 2020.

In 1979, Ted Sanford founded our 50-acre family farm in Exeter, Rhode Island, naming it Sanford Farm. As of 2021, we currently raise 20+ grass-fed Angus-Hereford Cross Beef Cows.

We’re proud to call our beef American, not just because it’s processed in a USDA inspected facility (did you know that any beef that is processed by a USDA inspected facility can call itself American?), but because our beef animals are bred, born and raised right here in Rhode Island, even their winter feed is hay produced on this farm or locally.

We raise our beef in a low-stress system, they are rotated onto new grass every 1 to 2 days, the only grain seen is the bait necessary to lure them into the headgates for low-stress handling. All other feed is grass, with hay only in the winter, with no subtherapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical pesticides.

After processing, our beef is and then aged for 7-10 days before butchering. The animal is divided into 4 equal quarters, containing one-fourth of the different cuts, which are freezer wrapped, labeled, and weighed. The quarters weigh between 80 and 100lbs, depending on the size of the animal.

You may find us at:

10 Sanford Farm Road, Exeter, RI 02822

SAT: 9am – 12pm